Satisfying Retirement: Four Tips to Reach Your Goals

Satisfying Retirement: Four Tips to Reach Your Goals

There are a lot of busy professionals out there earning decent salaries. Yet, in many households, it can often seem like money flows out as fast as it comes in. Two-income families are juggling bills, health care, child care, home maintenance and a never-ending list of family expenses that all add up and make it very difficult to save. You may also be slowly building a savings account for unforeseen events or the rising costs of college tuition. And what about retirement? Is satisfying retirement goals even possible?

In the midst of the modern daily grind, for many, it is difficult to fathom retirement. Planning beyond basic paycheck installments can be overwhelming. Will you and your spouse be able to enjoy your golden years or will you be shocked to learn that retirement could be much different and many years later than you imagined?

Retirement Planning Does Not Have To Be Overwhelming

There are many 30- to 40-year-olds who want to work toward financial security for their retirement. They are proactively thinking toward the future for themselves and their loved ones. However, the sad truth is that when these families go searching for services, they often come up empty-handed due to the fact that most financial advisors only work with clients in the highest asset brackets.

This does not seem fair.


Worried about your retirement and whether you’ll reach the goals you’ve set? Talk with us to see how we can help.


You Are Entitled to Better

Here is an industry secret the financial giants do not want you to know: Regardless of your age or finances, there are financial advisors out there who will provide you with full-service asset management and financial planning strategies typically reserved for only the wealthiest individuals.

Here’s the trick.

Tip #1: If you aren’t sure how to get investments that will generate necessary income for retirement, first choose a fully-independent firm.

When you work with an independent firm, your advisor won’t sell you investment products or work for commission. A fully independent firm can serve you without a corporate special interest or investment bias. Instead, an independent advisor will act as your fiduciary, which, by law, must put your best interests first. Being independent means there is no quota to fill or stockbrokers to please. This is comforting when it comes to your life’s savings and retirement.

Wall Street is known for putting corporate profits first. The fiduciary standard is the only way to ensure that your financial advisor will put your best interests first.  

Never Settle for Less

“Full-service” is another term to look for. While often only offered to the already wealthy, again, there are firms who provide this type of service to young families who are trying to save early.

Tip #2: Full-service firms take the guess work out of your investment worries. You can have all your needs taken care of in one place.

Full-service firms either provide or work closely with experts in other related fields, such as a CPA, insurance providers and estate-planning attorneys. Having all of your needs cared for by one firm provides peace of mind that if an issue arises, your financial advisor will be aware of it. It feels good to know that someone is watching your back so you are not inadvertently leaving money on the table.

This approach also allows your advisor to help with questions that my come up, like refinancing a mortgage or planning for your kids’ college. Your advisor becomes your advocate when he or she understands your situation and can take a holistic approach to your financial planning. There is no one-size-fits all plan, and financial advisors who promise to have the secret should be a red flag.

Finding an advisory firm that does not have a high advisor-to-client ratio is also recommended. This allows the advisor to give their clients more one-on-one service.

Follow-up is Crucial

Many times, a “financial advisor” will create a plan for a client but not follow-up. This is especially common with younger families in search of advice to get them on the right path to financial success early. They fall for a slick sales pitch and never hear from the advisor again.

Follow-up might not seem as crucial as getting started, but it’s extremely important.

Tip #3: In order to ensure that you remain on track to satisfying your retirement goals, it is important to be coached and supported.

When choosing a financial advisor to work with, make sure you ask about their communication plan. Will your advisor review your plans with you on a regular basis and analyze what is working?

Follow-up contact should include planned semi-annual meetings as well as quarterly assessments where results are analyzed and reviewed with you. This is how investors avoid costly mistakes and ensure plans are always in line with their current and sometimes changing goals.

The Benefits of a Well-Laid Plan

  • Retirement strategy
  • Investment income
  • Unlimited support and semi-annual meetings
  • Account management and results analysis
  • Diversified, low-cost portfolio
  • Social Security planning
  • Estate planning

Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Retirement dreams are just dreams unless you set those plans in motion.

Tip #4: Unlike corporate monopolies working only with the elite, look for an investment professional who is giving an opportunity to a wider range of deserving families.

ARQ Wealth Advisors is one of those. You may be surprised to learn that for this inclusive service and peace of mind, there is just one asset-based fee, which starts around 20 percent below the industry standard. The name of this service is The ARQ Wealth Millionaires Club – a fitting name to remind every family that with the right path and support, you too can “join the club,” watch your retirement savings flourish and see your dreams come to fruition.

In other words, satisfying retirement dreams is attainable. It’s how you plan to get there that matters.

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